Dissertation Projects


Here you can find an overview of the current doctoral thesis projects of the staff at the Department of German Linguistics.


Simone Heekeren
Multimodal Texts in Science Communication (Working Title)

Simone Heekeren's dissertation project deals with multimodal articles in popular science journals in which visualizations of various kinds play an important role. The focus of the project is on the use, processing and recontextualization of scientific images to communicate research findings. The semantic potential and thus their functions in multimodal texts can only be achieved in interaction with other semiotic resources, so that especially the intra- and intertextual references between linguistic and image components are taken into account.
The aim of the project is to propose a description model for multimodal practices of visualizing and popularizing scientific knowledge.

In this context Simone Heekeren is also a member of the DFG network Multimodalität in Wissensformaten (MWissFo) (2020-2023).

For further information on Simone Heekeren's research interests, please visit her team page: Simone Heekeren.


Alexander Happ
Der Einsatz bewaffneter deutscher Soldaten im Ausland 1990-2015.
Eine diskursgeschichtliche Analyse (Arbeitstitel)

For further information, please visit the team page: Alexander Happ.


Marco Sprotten
Linguistische Analyse der Textsorte Theater-Rezension unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Musiktheaters (Arbeitstitel)

For further information, please visit the team page: Marco Sprotten.